I don’t like taking my prescription xanax.. It helps me sleep but I’m really proud for learning how to not take it as much as I did, and controlling my addiction n eventually just stop taking these little shits forever. I went from 7-10 bars a day to now a half or one, only when i want to sleep or have anxiety. & I took more than I should have yesterday (4) because I was pissed and super depressed about my super
Ignorant and insulting family putting down my moms sisters and my education etc. and it’s just not worth taking any.

I don’t need to rely on benzos to sleep/function/ “be normal” -.- it’s bs for doctors to get money

And it’s 5:33 am and I just can’t sleep. I’ve been trying to fall sleep for like 2 1/2 hours and nothings working. I was drunk earlier from fine wine at my uncles but it went away .. Then took melatonin, camomile tea and even took a warm bath. Like wtf

Any ideas on natural insomnia remedies, help me out please this is annoying.

can’t sleep. 5:30am